Heart of Gold AWARD



Ken and Tonya Castleman

Behind the scenes, the Castlemans have been incredible supporters of the LDSF. Country music fans, they come to us through Joey and Rory’s story, and have from afar, fallen in love with our mission, and especially our kiddos. We are so grateful for them. 

LDSF_Heart of Gold Award.png


The Kasper Family

Through their generous donation, Johns Hopkins University and the NIH are joining forces to advance the learning on the current LDS population by establishing a registry and honing in on specific mutations as well as other connected characteristics. The Kaspers’ grant will do wonders for the advancement of research for the Loeys-Dietz Syndrome community.



Joey and Rory Feek

The relationship between the Feek family and McCauley family inspires us. We are so grateful for Rory Feek’s support of LDSF, not only through his generosity of donation, but through taking time to connect with our LDSF families at conference and spreading a wonderful  message of unity and acceptance. 



Jurgens family

Whether it be taking photographs at conference, planning on our BOD, running Links for LDSF golf event, or waxing eloquently about their LDS journey through all mediums (check out Mo: A Loeys-Dietz syndrome memoir!), there is nothing the Jurgens family won’t do. We are honored and grateful for all the love and hugs that Kate and Mo (Maureen) hand out to our community to make sure everyone feels that LDS love!


Jennie, Wesley and Caroline Bange

The Bange family decided to take a chance on the LDSF and created the first run/walk fundraising event for the Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation. For many years they rallied their community in honor of Caroline  to raise countless funds  to support research, education and awareness for LDS. They shared Caroline’s story on the local news and have turned their corner of the world into a community passionate about helping Caroline and those like her that are impacted by LDS.



Quentin Waid and family

The Quest for Quentin was a hodge-podge of events ranging from change collection to personal letter mailing to bowling events to honor the LDSF. This guy’s creative, compassionate and humorous heart shines through in every LDSF event he takes part in.

Peyton family.jpg


Peyton Griffith and family

Pins for Peyton which evolved into Pins for Peyton and Gracie too!  was our first bowling event that the Griffiths fearlessly piloted. The Griffith family and friends in Indiana showed dedication and community in raising funds to support LDSF 2010 conference.