Take heart. Help raise funds for education, research, and support initiatives for the Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation.

By gathering family and friends who want to help make a difference, participating in fundraising events increases support for the Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation, as well as builds awareness about LDS.



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  • Celebrate life’s milestones

  • Honor an individual

  • In memory of a loved one


Recurring Donor Program

Partner with the LDSF by creating a monthly or quarterly financial gift. The simplicity of setting up automatic and recurring giving helps the Foundation to create a sustainable revenue stream.


Event Fundraising

Examples of events that LDSF members have undertaken include:

  • Bowling event

  • Move Your Feet for Loeys-Dietz, a branded physical or virtual walk/run

  • LIVE! Happy Hour Event

  • Bake sales

  • Potluck

Having an event you’d like to let the LDSF community know about? Email details to or complete our Event Request Form.

Having an event that we can share with our community on social media and newsletters? Need any advice or materials for your event? Have an idea and want to try to connect with others in your area to put on an event? Email us at


How to Set Up a Donation Page


Fundraising for LDSF on FaceBook:

  1. Log into Facebook

  2. Click the “Fundraiser” option in the left menu

  3. Select “Raise Money for a Nonprofit Organization”

  4. Search for “Strong City Baltimore” –This is the Fiscal sponsor of LDSF; funds will be deposited into the LDSF account!

  5. Complete the required basic info

  6. In the “Tell Your Story” section, tell your personal story about LDS and why you are fundraising. Add fun pictures. If you need LDSF logo, contact us at

  7. Launch the fundraiser.

  8. Send an email to letting us know about your fundraiser!

We did it

Visit our “Sending Love to Loeys-Dietz” campaign page by clicking the button below.

  1. Click the link “Fundraise with us” and become an LDSF ambassador

  2. Customize your page and message

  3. Launch the fundraiser!