June is Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Awareness Month!


There are 5 ways you can get involved in raising awareness for LDS!


1. download an awareness sign or purchase a t-shirt

Collect and share photos of yourself, friends, and families wearing their LDSF tee shirts, holding downloaded LDSF printed signs, or by displaying your LDS car magnet on social media using the hashtags #LDSawareness #awarenessmonth #loeysdietzsyndromeawarenessmonth

2. Select the LDSF awareness Facebook social media profile frame for your profile picture.

You can select our custom profile frame on Facebook by:

  1. Click your profile picture

  2. Search for a frame by entering the frame's name, the creator's name or related words: LDSF

  3. Choose the LDSF frame

  4. See Facebook instructional video available on Facebook here.


3. Share your LDS journey story

We love hearing your stories of courage and sharing them with other members of our community so they can be encouraged.

4. Host a fundraising event

After you create the event, promote using the link to our WeDidIt campaign.

5. Share the LDSF daily awareness posts

Every day in June we will be sharing facts, stories, and lots of other LDS goodness on social media. Simply share these posts to your personal social media page platforms to help spread awareness!