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Mo: A Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Memoir - Book Description

Kate’s second pregnancy was not much different than her first, but when her daughter was born with a number of birth defects Kate recognized from her work as a neonatal intensive care nurse that all was not right. Mo’s feet were turned and her hands were closed tight. When she cried a cleft palate was found. It would be nine and a half years and 17 surgeries later when Mo would finally be diagnosed with Loeys Dietz Syndrome, a rare connective tissue disease that allows aneurysms to grow throughout the entire body as well as wreak havoc on the joints and soft tissue.

Mo: A Loeys Dietz Syndrome Memoir is compiled mostly from journal entries over the course of Mo’s first thirteen years of life. Kate shares her journey to discovery of a deepening Catholic faith, mothering a child with special needs while caring for her other three children and strengthening her marriage, all while expanding her nursing knowledge.

Readers will be entrenched in the medical mystery right along with Mo’s family and the physicians trying to solve the puzzle. Mo’s spirit is triumphant even when faced with a rare genetic syndrome.

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