Matters Of Heart - Spring 2012

Dane Everhart, cont.

Dane was diagnoised with LDS three years ago and is survived by his father and stepmom, Michael and Sandra Everhart; his mother and stepfather, Dee and Barry Gregory; siblings, Geran, Trey, Shanna, Brett and Amy; and grandparents, Gerri and Gus Thomlin, Margaret and Willie M. Gregory Jr., and Earl and Glenda Selover.

A friend of Dane's shared the following thoughts on her friend:

"Oh, how lucky I was to meet you. There is no way for me to describe Dane in a way that would be fitting; you can't describe an angel on paper. He was the kind of person who could inspire anyone to be better, kinder, and more loving. He did just that every day of his life. He was the kind of person who forgave everyone, no matter what they did to him. The best kind of friend you could ask for. Dane brings people together like no other, even now. People who had never spoken before are now friends, because of him. He was always prepared to brighten your day with a spaghetti arm hug and a witty remark. Even though no one is perfect, he was as close as I have ever seen.

There are no words for such a loss. One important lesson you taught me was that you haven't really lost anything if you know where it is. We know where you are. See you soon, but I'll miss you until I see you again."

In lieu of flowers, Dane's family asked for donations to be made in his memory to the LDSF through their JustGive site.



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