Matters Of Heart - Spring 2012

Cellular Mechanisms Study, cont.

Researchers are hoping to recruit 80 patients with Marfan syndrome and LDS to participate in their study. Participants would need to travel to BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver to participate, but may be residents or guests of Canada to qualify. Patients need to be between the ages of 8 and 60, not pregnant and have had no previous surgery on their aortic root.

Interested participants will be assessed, have an echocardiogram and a small amount of blood drawn for the study. Participants will have only one test, lasting approximately 2 hours. This is not a trial of different medications, and, therefore, no changes to the patient's current medication are involved.

For more information and detailed explaination of the study, please contact Leslie Raffin, study coordinator, at 604-875-2345 or Dr. G. Sandor, principal investigator, at 604-875-2295.



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